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Welcome to Blackrose Tavern. We are a 18+ SFW rp venue for those who crave a more classic goth feel. We cater to all sorts of spooks and spirits, but mortals are indeed welcome. Come enjoy our atmosphere and spend the night with friends, or if you find yourself alone please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our hosts. They are very willing to wile the bells away with an eager patron.Located on Balmung, Lavender Beds, Ward 16, Plot 60Open with staff Tuesdays
8pm EST - 11pm EST
(This is NOT a brothel. No adult services are offered at our venue. We offer SFW tavern rp only.)(Venue open 24/7 for open rp)

The Rainbow RoomVarious Theme nights in a very friendly, LGBTQ+ venue! See carrd for calendar!Location: Mateus, Empyreum Ward 17 Plot 22

Bandee PaksheeA Little Thavnair in the Holy SeeThe Bandee Pakshee brings comforts of all sorts to the people of Eorzea, with a distinct Near East flair. Be it anything from companionship to the Mythril Eye's best-rated lassi in the West and everything between, the Pakshee takes a holistic view of comfort and pleasure. Whatever soothes your weary soul, the Caged Birds provide.

Spice & Miqo'teCome for filling food, strong drink, and good company! The Spice and Miqo'te Tavern and Bath House is meant to allow the hard working Adventurers and working class of Eorzea take a load off. Come share your tales of adventure, rest your feet, and enjoy a relaxing night with us.Open Wednesdays 8p-11p EST and Saturdays 8p-10p EST18+ SFW Tavern/Bath House RP

Meili's Maid CaféMeili's Maid Café is an adorable maid/butler café in the heart of the Shroud. Part of the larger group known as Meili's Repose, the café is meant as a place for adventurers and travelers to have some good company while enjoying free food and drinks. Located in Goblin Lavender Beds Ward 11 Plot 24. Open Wednesdays from 10p-1am CST!

Trilixa Blackrose ☥ Owner ☥ Female ☥ Ageless ☥ Straight ☥ VampireThis little kitty's innocent appearance is not all an act, but beware of her fangs.. unless you're into that kind of thing. Her friends call her Tril, and if you're fortunate enough to catch her eye, she may grant that to you as well.

Ravena Blackwind ☥ Operations ☥ Female ☥ 33 ☥ Demisexual ☥ NecromancerThis tall beauty is normally found close to her queen, Tril, but has been known to spend the evening in deep conversation with a lucky soul here and there. Calm and restrained, you'll never feel unease while in her company.. unless you pose a threat.

Ryoka Akagane ☥ Operations ☥ Female ☥ 24 ☥ Bisexual ☥ SuccubusThis chatty beauty will be quick to whisk you away with her charming smile and allure. Ever eager to flatter a cute face, she will try to make you forget where you are. Keep your wits about you, though. There is a hunger within, and she is liable to leave you breathless.. or worse.

Inkwell Valentine ☥ Chef ☥ Male ☥ 24 ☥ Pansexual ☥ HyurThis grave digger is often found within the halls of the Blackrose when night falls. His seeming innocence brings a charm about him, yet he seems to have no issues being among the monsters of the night. Easy prey, at first glance, but be careful.. The Blackrose protects its own.

Leonaire de Hanrieaux ☥ Host ☥ Male ☥ 28 ☥Bisexual ☥ Ishgardian ElezanA lover of baked goods and clubbing, Leonaire is eager to entertain and in constant wonder of the world. He loves to listen to the stories of others or share his own, and he will gladly do whatever is necessary to ensure the comfort of his company. Just don't let him make you a drink.

Yavik Vasaam ☥ Host/Bartender ☥ Male ☥ 30s ☥ Bisexual ☥ AlchemistGreeting everyone with a smile and an offering to assist, sums up the Miqo'te man fairly well. Very kind and equally as curious, he'll lend an ear and ask questions to keep the conversation going. If you trust him to suggest food or drink, be prepared to find yourself in spicy pain..or sweet bliss, but don't expect anything mundane. Just don't question his life details too much.. or call him a cat.

Levi Ruhnea ☥ Bartender ☥ Male ☥ Age Unknown ☥ Bisexual (Male leaning) ☥ MidlanderNot much is known about the man who turned up one day, claiming to stand in for a certain downstairs bartender. Those with close ties to the Grand Companies would know that a man by the name of Klaus Lightsbane was now a war criminal of Eorzea and the lands beyond, but his life seemingly came to an end with the culmination of the Final Days.

In Memoriam ☥ Bartender/Security ☥ Female ☥ Unknown ☥Bisexual ☥ SamuraiShowing up one day without recollection of who she was, In Memoriam started working the same week as a means to repay kindness. Formerly a ship captain, Memoriam refuses to compromise her ideals for anything. Straightforward and at least seemingly understanding, she doesn't turn a blind eye or deaf ear to anything or anyone.

Ruby Darkmist ☥ Bartender ☥ Female ☥ Ageless ☥ Bisexual ☥ VoidsentRuby is polite and cordial, ever ready to make a poor soul's night better. Her grace and mannerisms are that of royalty and she'll offer wisdom in addition to spirits and liquor. However, her eyes are the deepest bloody crimson and the claws that adorn her fingers, not to mention the razor sharp fangs that adorn her mouth, are not normal for Elezen women.... if she's even an Elezen at all. Maybe don't push to hard with this one?

Masamune Teki ☥ Bouncer ☥ Male ☥ Age Unknown ☥ Straight ☥ XaelaHailing from the Steppe, this warrior has seen his fair share of battle. He's pretty friendly though, as long as you behave. You wouldn't want to wake the dragon.. would you?

Fara Ithil ☥ Bouncer ☥ Female ☥ 23 ☥ Straight ☥ VieraA woman born to the jungles of Golmore, she has the strength of her ancestors and the grace of the very trees she grew up around. She stands in the halls, an ever watchful eye for the patrons of Blackrose. Mated to a Khal of the Steppe, she won't hesitate to make peace. So be good, won't you?

0 - One Shot KO: Why is the floor coming at you so quickly...? Oh no... There's a warning label for a reason! Sadly, you are knocked unconscious and won't remember this night at all.... better luck next time, Champ. Ruby isn't sorry. She did warn you, after all…1-150: Sick to the Soul: Oh gods... You poor dear, you should have listened to Ruby's warning. You're incredibly ill and dizzy after that. Worse yet, everything is terrifying. There are monsters around every corner, things are out to get you... Paranoia gnaws at your senses! Of course, you're not in any real danger... The Staff will keep you safe... hopefully you were nice to them.151-300: The Walls, They Crawl: This place… it’s Haunted. There is a spirit, or spirits here. It’s inside the walls, the floor, the ceiling… Is it the house itself? Your skin begins to crawl and you cannot shake the feeling that you are being watched from every angle. Y’know what would help? More alcohol.301-450: Blessed Be: Whether through dumb luck or Ruby taking a liking to you, it seems you've escaped all consequences! Ha. NOT! The dark coursing through your body makes you a delectable snack for the creatures of the night... Luckily you're in a bar and there aren't any of those... Right... RIGHT?!451-600: To Tell the Truth…: Oh no, you’re incapable of lying now! To make matters even worse, you’re incapable of hiding how you really feel about anything or anyone. Is that waitress super gorgeous? Yes. Are you able to keep from blurting it out to her? Nope. Hopefully your true feelings don’t get you tossed on your arse by one of the bouncers.601-750: Iron Will, Not so Iron Stomach: Boy this stuff is strong. You're quite drunk. Slurred words, spinning walls. Would you like to get off this wild ride? Too bad, you're about the drunkest soul in all of Eorzea at present. You'd better give someone else the reins to your Chocobo. You're in no position to do anything but rest for a time…751-800: Blind to the Dark: - Wasn't this supposed to be scary? You handle it like a boss. Hell, you should probably have another glass, it was delightful to your refined tastes, or maybe you're Magitek inside and needed a good degreasing. For the rest of the evening, your courage won't waver, against any odds.801-900: One of Us: You feel utterly at home in the Blackrose. The shadows in this place are your allies, it's like they've always been there. For the rest of the evening, you can discern the auras and true natures of those who work the Rose. Perhaps you should go and investigate them all…901-998: Falling In Love is so Hard on the Knees: For the next hour, you are infatuated with the first person you look at after taking the drink. They’re the most beautiful, most talented, most amazing everything. They are YOUR everything. You’ll do anything for them… Until the effect inevitably wears off, leaving you with an extremely awkward faux pas.999: The Void Awakens: No one has handled the Black Brew quite like you in the past. In fact, Ruby is staring at you now... Maybe you should go talk to her...

Interested in becoming a member of Blackrose? We are hiring for server positions! Please fill out the application or reach out to Trilixa in game or on Discord!Apply Here!

Planning an event? Need a venue?We do venue bookings!Rent out a floor, or a private room for your party or event, and get custom decorations and your own selection of our staff to take care of all of your event needs.

(Venue bookings must be given to Trilixa no less than two weeks in advance to prep the space and staff accordingly. This is a free service, but donations are most welcome. Once you have booked your event, please give all information for said event to Trilixa, including the time frame, theme, and any decor that may be wanted. Please keep in contact with Trilixa around the time of your booking so that she can let the staff know what's going on. Thank you!)